The Swim


She stood beside the ocean ready to jump in

Her lover called behind her,

“But, you don’t know how to swim.”


She leapt from the rocks high into the air,

Her lover staring in disbelief

Ready to cry out in despair.


Her body strikes the water with perfect grace and form,

The lover almost faints not watching what happens next,

She moves slowly with the ocean, swimming back towards shore.


His eyes are teary as he confesses,

“I thought you were going to die.”

She turns to him in her reply, “Silly boy, I’ve been taking lessons.”

8 thoughts on “The Swim

    • Thank you… Yesterday, I was feeling more… suicidal, and I had the first two lines stuck in my head. Then they would not let me sleep. I awoke in the middle of the night – when I started to let them out, it just came out this way instead.

      I’m happy it made you smile 🙂

      Always, Me

  1. Love the near rhymes on the first and third lines. The surprise ending has credibility since she has no hesitation and perfect grace and form. I like surprise happy endings, especially when they come from you. That all reads and flows very nicely.

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