On Being an Enigma

imagesI am comfortable in the fact that people do not fully know or understand me.  There are those who like to believe they do, well-meaning friends who like to say, “Come on, I know you better than that” when they think they can detect my mood and wish to draw me out and comfort me or force me into banter when I wish to remain silent.

I know myself better and will recover in my own time.

I realize that most people mean well.

Still, the most interesting of all is the stalker who continues to harangue, harass, and darken my life pretending like she knows what I mean whenever I write something when she knows nothing about my life, has never actually spoken to me, and knows zero about my life.  Her constant threats, emails, and illegal behavior of breaking into my online accounts and calling places pretending to be me is laughable and only goes to prove how small her life is.

The very fact that she is so consumed with what I am doing all the while I think very seldom of her goes to prove that I am an enigma to her and she is a transparent manipulative crazy nut just like she appears to be.

Interesting.  Disturbing.  Funny.  But, at the same time, not even a microscopic piece of dust in the cobwebs in the furthermost corner of my mind.

No, when people say, “Come on, I know you better than that,” they truly do not.  They have no idea what I intended.

14 thoughts on “On Being an Enigma

  1. Either something is wrong on my end or your entire post is doubled, as if you pasted the text in twice. Is there an echo in here or is it just in my head?

    The stalker thing would drive me nuts. I’m glad to hear you report that she hasn’t gotten into your head. Personally, I’d contact law enforcement.

    • Sir,
      Thank you for alerting me to the error… I have no idea what happened. I have corrected it.

      The stalking thing is an annoyance, but almost flattering; as she clearly is obsessed with my every move. She thinks much more about me than I do her. However, I do keep a collection of the evidence for the police for a time when it becomes more than just flattery.

      Always, The Flat Girl

  2. It is amazing what the information age has done, we are fully capable of stalking someone online.
    This is only a fragment of our lives, the blogs and the social networking, that needs to be realized by those that would choose to vicariously live through us.
    The grass is not always greener…

  3. Well, I am glad you are back and not letting anyone else control you. Who knows maybe she will learn from you. Just stay smarter than her! Doesn’t sound as if that will be much of a stretch! 😉
    Stalkers are cowards. Especially Internet ones, hiding behind their keyboards feeling all puffed up and powerful~ but as you already stated….
    only goes to prove how small her life is.

    • Hmmmm…. I wish I could say she was not winning.

      Unfortunately, she is winning at this point, and the darkness is taking over. And, after looking up anti-stalking laws in my state and her state, the police do not care about what she has been doing to me.

      At this point, I have no choice but to shut down my site again for a while… something that breaks my heart, as I need it… for my soul, my heart, my everything. It has been my healing tool of choice, but… it is no more for now.

      I am drained from this.

      Hard to believe that one person who has never met you can have so much control over your life. Devastating.

      Thank you for being here. I hope to be back again one day.

      Always, The Flat Girl

      • Wow. Whoever is stalking you must be very sad. To go to so much trouble to do whatever she is doing takes a lot of time. I guess you could take a different approach and feel sorry for someone so disturbed.
        Your life is so much bigger than hers. But as a writer, I feel your pain. It must be horrible to not be able to write where and what you want. Metaphorically speaking it is like a two year old coming in and unlocking all of your journals and scribbling all over each page. My heart goes out to you!

      • Thank you so much. It has been so heartbreaking… I have not even had the ….energy to look at this blog, as it truly was a passion. I honestly feel empty without it.

        I appreciate your empathetic comments.

        Always… and forever, The Flat Girl

    • Unfortunately, due to an online stalker that has made my life hell for a year, I have had to make my blog private… I have not added anything to it lately, as it has left me in a deep depression.

      But, thank you….

      The Flat Girl

  4. I thought that I recognized another post that you created? Perhaps you could just post under another name that she would never figure out??
    Anyway, you are such a stellar writer. It is our loss that you can’t write here.
    I hope she reads this:
    I saw a documentary where someone was carrying on a faux relationship with her boyfriend’s ex. She found her on line and started courting her for almost two years… sending her cute pictures of a guy that was totally fake and creating a profile that was obviously also fake. My question… HOW pathetically empty and insecure and low can someone’s life be to create this fake life? I see the stalker girl that you describe as one in the same. What kind of life must she be living to invest so much time in your life trying to hurt you?
    Feel sorry for her. Her elevator apparently does not go all the way up to the top floor by her example.
    Please don’t let her win! You are too talented!

  5. Hoping everything is okay. I was wandering through my backdoor and reading some of my old posts and ran across your blog again. It made me pray for you and wish you good things.

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