The Paper Doll


I am flat like a paper doll,

No way to stumble,

No way to fall.

Here I sit in black and white,

Mostly in darkness,

Searching for light.

Sometimes I feel my edges curl,

A second dimension,

Enters my world.


Something happens and flattens me out,

Crushing my hopes,

Leaving me… without.

11 thoughts on “The Paper Doll

  1. I take this paper doll of mine
    Cut from paper white
    I draw a little smile on her
    And put her in the light.

    She stands there smiling just for me
    In her pretty dress
    So many things for her to be
    I’m pleased I must confess.

  2. I *really* like your poem. It is beautifully rhythmical and begs for some kind of movement even though it is about a near lack of movement. Do you ever do spoken word? It has that feel to it.

    I read your “About” page. Although you and I have some of the same diagnoses (swap my ADHD for your OCD), I have perhaps the opposite issue of flat affect. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my face shows all my emotions for the world to see. As you work hard to show yours, I work hard to hide mine.

    What would this world be like if we were allowed to simply be as we are?

    night owl

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